In this section you can find handy forms needed in the adoption process.  

The first step is to fill out the adoption application with the corresponding $20 fee.  Once your application is approved by ReRun, you must complete the adoption agreement which will transfer ownership of your newly adopted horse.  

As part of the adoption agreement, the adopter agrees to keep the horse for at least one year, at which time the horse may be transferred or sold to a new owner but with some conditions.  Mainly, if you need to transfer or sell your horse to another owner, the new owner can not intend to race, bred or send the horse to be slaughtered. ReRun's mission is to insure the welfare of all our horses, even after they leave our care. 

Lastly, as the owner of a newly adopted horse, you agree to let us know of your progress show off how well your OTTB is doing by filling out the adopted horse update form.

Most importantly, thank you for being part of the ReRun family and the OTTB community!