Founded in 1996 in KY, Rerun is one of the oldest Thoroughbred retraining and adoption programs in the country which has been able to evolve over the past 2 decades to stay at the forefront of Thoroughbred aftercare and retirement.


With a continued presence in New York since 2002, Rerun now focuses the majority of it's efforts in helping both the horses and horsemen of the state offering rehab, retraining and retirement options for horses retiring within the state. Based on the number of horses accepted into the program and placed in second careers, Rerun is now the largest Thoroughbred rehab and adoption program in New York. and boasts the premier adoption facility in the North East.


GFAS Verified, TAA accredited and a partner program with NYTHA,  Rerun is also the trademark holder of the hugely successful and innovative Moneighs For Rerun program which raised $79,000 last year for horses in need.







Board of Directors


Program Director
Lisa Molloy


Cecilia ‘Jackie’ Ellis


Joanne Sassi Willcox

Board Members

Carrie Abfall

Dr Rod Stewart 

Dr John Park 

Scott Shapiro

Kim Zito

Dan Tordjman

Gary Sciacca

Amanda Laderer











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