Our Philosophy 


This list details the majority of our recent initiatives that we need your participation in.

Every racehorse deserves our services, not just those with the best chance of adoption

Full disclosure of the horse's physical and behavioral issues is the best policy

ReRun Thoroughbred Adoption pioneered the concept that when Thoroughbreds’ racing days are over, they don’t need to be sent to auction or slaughter but can be retrained to pursue second careers in other forms of equitation while enjoying another 20+ years of companionship with their new adoptive families.

Our Mission

Thebuckstopshere was rescued from a slaughter pen by ReRun and with time, patience and care, he was finally made available for adoption. Now in the loving home of Cindy and her family, he continues to thrive.

Lives We Impact

Sept 2014
Rerun was the beneficiary of a very generous grant from the Equus Foundation and was also awarded their Horse Whisperers named grant!.


Sept 2014

Mark Rose Photography is donating $12 from the sale of every photo sold - www.markrosephotography.co.uk

Above:  Trooper when he arrived at the New York Chapter.

​Left:  Trooper today



    The  word "Moneigh®" came from  combining the

    name of the famous artist, Monet, and the sound

    that a horse makes, a neigh. Some of the 

    greatest Thoroughbreds in racing have created

    Moneighs® to raise money for ReRun.  For more      

    information on Moneighs, contact ​moneighmary@twc.com