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Howie’s Tiz


Howie’s Tiz is stunning, selling for $240,000 as a yearling and has become a firm favorite with everyone at the farm. Standing nearly 16.3hh, he is very low key and minimal fuss. At 8 years of age, he retired in the late spring of this year after 17 starts and has been turned out on the farm the entire summer. He has no vices and although he retired sound and has always been sound here, he was starting to experience suspensory inflammation at the track. He would be best suited for all flat pursuits and low level local showing activities. He is very imposing, exceptionally well behaved and stoic - he will not eat any treats of any kind. He was under consideration for use in our veterans therapy program but his sheer size makes him a little daunting to those having their first time exposure to horses.

Adoption Fee $500




For all those fans of Sir Frost and St Patrick Frost, meet Callant by the same sire Frost Giant. Callant has all the same physical attributes as the others and at 4 years old, he is 16.1hh. He ran 29 times, winning over $100,00 and was locally bred, raised and trained. He has no vices and retired in August of this year after running at Saratoga. He ha a slight suspensory issue and was sent to one of the leading vets in the nation for diagnostics and a work up. It was determined he just needed a little time off and we have given him more than twice the recommended time off and he is currently just enjoying daily turn out.

He is very personable and does better with consistent care from one person - he enjoys HIS person interaction. He is good to handle and would make a nice sports horse prospect as he is very athletic and forward.

Adoption Fee $500


Posse’s Paradise


This lovely mare by Posse is ready for adoption. She is 4 years old and nearly 16.2hh. She retired after just 7 starts and was believed to have an injury. Since her arrival at Rerun she has been fully vet evaluated to include x rays, ultrasound and a nerve block and was found to have nothing more than a large sub solar abscess which has since cleared up. She does have general wear and tear but nothing too exorbitant or unexpected so she will be suitable for all pursuits. has no vices and minimal starts. She is sound, a decent size and mover and good to deal with in all respects. She is barefoot behind and shod in steels in front - requires no specialized shoes.

Adoption Fee $700